Workshop Facilitator

Topics include: Team Building, Brainstorming, Presentation Skills, and Delivery, Document Design

I coordinate and facilitate various in-class workshops to broaden the student learning experience. These workshops are designed to complement the technical skills students are exposed to as part of their engineering curriculum. In collaboration with the faculty member, I strategize and develop tailor-made workshops that align within the project assignments and boost the students’ soft skill development.

I work with a fantastic team of three part-time consultants in addition to a graduate student consultant, who help in the conception and delivery of these workshops.

Writing, Communication and Multimedia Consultants: Beth Caerlang, Shauna Loej and Esra Sharab (left to right). 2019. © Texas A&M University at Qatar

It was a really great workshop! Looking forward to many more!

Student Feedback

Workshops coordinated and facilitated at Texas A&M University at Qatar:
2019–2020: 85 workshops with a total of 1,531 student participants
2018–2019: 54 workshops with a total of 950 student participants
2017–2018: 65 workshops with a total of 991 student participants

Your feedback and comments on the students’ presentations were very insightful and valuable. Despite the transition to online teaching, this commitment has been maintained thanks to your support. And the most rewarding part was seeing the impact of our feedback on the students’ presentations. It was clear that many of our comments were implemented and the presentations (slides as well as presentation skills) looked so much better later in the semester.

Instructor Testimonial