Course: Application of Learning Theories to College Studies

Teaching Philosophy
Each semester feels invigorating to meet new students. For many students this is an exciting time in their life, and it may also be scary at times. I believe everyone has the potential to learn. My role is to empower students to reflect and take ownership of their decisions, define success and set goals that support them in becoming the person they want to be. My goal is to encourage a love and desire for lifelong learning.

Students are embarking on an exciting journey, and I am passionate about seeing where this path leads them.

Professor Sahar taught us effective techniques for studying.

Student Feedback

Sections taught:
Fall 2018 (21 students), Fall 2019 (13 students)

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I really benefited in how to manage my time clearly.

Student Feedback

This course helped me a lot to improve my communication skills.

Student Feedback