Academic Coach

Topics include: Metacognition, Study Skills, Time Management, Motivation, SMART Goals, Holistic Student Experience

As one of the primary academic coaches at Texas A&M University at Qatar, I meet with students one-to-one who would like to improve their academic performance. Like an athletic coach or a personal trainer, I help students identify their strengths and weaknesses as part of their learning journey. In my sessions with students, we collaborate on individualized academic success plans and identify appropriate activities to allow students to reach their full potential.

The strategy that helped me most was to plan my daily goals realistically and know the grade distribution of my subjects from the start of the semester to keep track of my grades all throughout!

Academic Coachee

Images above show Sahar Mari leading a workshop on Metacognition and students working on their fixed commitment calendars. 2019. © Texas A&M University at Qatar

Thank you for your help and support that allowed me to improve and learn better strategies to deal with my struggles since I joined university. You are truly amazing and helped me cope with everything and bring my grades up after a major fall back.

Academic Coachee