My portfolio showcases select creative projects in the field of art and design. I am currently not seeking any freelance projects. For possible collaborations contact me.

20-20-20 VCUArts in Qatar Alumni Exhibition

The artworks shown in this exhibition are part of a color experiment series using Islamic Pattern design. Each pattern constellation is colored using one color palette and replicated in different variations which highlights the effect of color and balance in each composition. Furthermore, the effect of color is emphasized by distinctive color applications ranging from colored pencils, acrylic paint to acrylic glass.

Typographic Clothing

The garment pieces shown are part of a collection created as part of my thesis project combining elements from both of my disciplines: graphic and fashion design. Using typography as the main inspiration for this collection, letter forms take literal and abstract shape in the clothing pieces. The typographic forms are subtly integrated through the mix of fabrics and textures.

This collection was showcased in the thirteenth Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar Fashion Show in 2010.